How to verify Adsense without PIN | Adsense PIN not received Problem Solved

To verify Adsense without PIN you should first request for a physical PIN for 4 times. The PIN can be requested once a month, so it takes 4 months to request for Physical PIN for 4 times.
Once the PIN has been requested four times and you haven't received PIN yet then you can Contact the Adsense support team to verify your Adsense Address. To do so, click on learn more option shown below " You're no longer showing ads because the adsense verification process wasn't Completed ". This error message will appear at the top of your Adsense homepage.
If such an error message is not displayed, you can also find "learn more" option below "Verify your Identity" section. Clicking on 'learn more' will redirect you to the Adsense support team.
Once redirected to the Adsense support team, scroll down, and you will find " Have Problems with your PIN?" In that section you will see " If you have requested the fourth replacement PIN mail and still haven't received it after 3 weeks, go to our PIN troubleshooter.
Click on the 'PIN troubleshooter' . You will be asked to confirm your email address. Click on Yes and continue to verify email. Again, you will be asked to verify PIN arrival check. Click on " No, I haven't received my PIN" and continue.
Now you will see the 'Contact the Support Team' option. Click on 'Contact Form'. 
You will then be asked to verify your personal information. Enter the correct name as you have in Adsense, Insert correct email address associated with the adsense and insert publisher I'd. Publisher IDs start with pub-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. You can check it in the Adsense Publisher ID in your adsense information section and even in the adsense link address too.
Now you need to attach some documents that provides your address verification. The best option is your citizenship documents and bank statement. If you have passport or driving license, you can also use it.

Take photo of citizenship front, citizenship back and download Bank statement ( in pdf) and save it. You can download your Bank statement ( in pdf) from your mobile banking app too. Then click on attach file and insert them one by one. After inserting all 3 ( citizenship Front, citizenship back and Bank Statement ) then click on submit.
You will see 'Email has been sent'. 
Now, wait for few hours you will receive mail saying, "Thank you for sending your proof of identity. We're happy to let you know that this fulfils the address verification requirement for AdSense"
"Please note: You may still see the payment hold notification in your account. Rest assured that your PIN has been verified and the notification will disappear within 24 - 48 hours. 

All done! Your Adsense address is now verified You will start receiving payment once you reach payment threshold limit. Also, adsense ads will start showing in your YouTube or Blogs within few hours. Lastly, Best wishes for your YouTube/Blogging journey.

Note : If contact form is not showing, it means you have not requested PIN for 4 times. Do request PIN for 4 times and follow the process again.