We don't leave an inch of land, we don't need neighbour's land: Prime Minister Dahal

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has said that the foreign policy being adopted by Nepal has been continued by the government led by him. Dahal said this while replying to questions raised by UML MP Raghuji Pant and Congress MP Dilendra Prasad Badu during the direct question and answer program with the Prime Minister in the House of Representatives on Thursday.

Parliamentarians Pant and Badu asked whether Kalapani, Lipulek and Limpiyadhura are on the agenda during the Prime Minister's upcoming visit to India.

'We cannot leave even an inch of our land, we do not need an inch of our neighbour's land. Under this policy, we, all the political parties of Nepal and this honorable House, we are unanimous. "Nepal is adamant on the principle of not giving even an inch of its land to other countries and not taking it from other countries," he said. Based on this principle, Nepal is trying to maintain relations with its neighbors. I would like to express my belief that my visit to India in the near future will also be focused on enhancing the wider interests of Nepal.'

Prime Minister Dahal said that the issue of understanding the report of the Enlightened Person Group (EPG) formed between the two countries regarding the various disputes between Nepal and India will also be discussed. He said that we will know whether India will understand or not after the visit. "Understanding or not understanding the EPG report or what happens after entering the country can only be said in the situation after visiting India and talking about it." What I want to assure you is that Nepal's national interest, national unity, integrity and independence will not be allowed to have any kind of compromise or any kind of confusion," he said.

The Prime Minister reminded that Nepal's foreign policy is based on the principles of non-alignment and Panchsheel of the United Nations. He expressed his commitment in the parliament to continue Nepal's foreign policy of expanding bilateral relations based on the country's sovereignty, integrity, independence, mutual respect and benefits, keeping in mind the nation's paramount interest.


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