Smart Schools will be Conducted at Every Local level, says Government

Ram Chandra Poudel

The government has announced that it will operate at least one smart school in each province. It is mentioned in the policy and program that teaching will be done using technology in smart schools.

The government has announced that it will focus on building the infrastructure of community schools. "Special emphasis will be placed on bringing children to school, teaching them and sustaining them," President Ramchandra Paudel said, "The study and earn program will also be expanded as a study and earn program."

It is mentioned in the policy and program that the curriculum of the school level will be reviewed. The government has promised to ensure that textbooks are available at the beginning of the academic session. It is said that special emphasis will be given to the education of remote, poor and disabled students.

Paudel said that arrangements will be made to distribute all types of scholarships through a one-door system. It is said that the targeted scholarship program will be further expanded. The government has announced that the Federal Education Act will be passed by this session of Parliament. The draft law has not even been registered in the parliament. The previous policy of reviewing teacher posts has been repeated this year as well.

Our school, good school" program will be conducted, teachers will be appointed from the local level, it is said in the policy and program. It is said that the service facility of ECD teachers and staff of the school will be addressed.

President Paudel said that a higher education commission will be formed to identify and solve the problems of higher education. The report of the Higher Education Commission formed in 2075 has not been made public yet. The government has announced the formation of another commission. The commitment to make a unified law for higher education is indicated.

It has been announced that a fund for research, innovation, innovation and expansion of science education will be established. The program to establish medical colleges in all provinces has been repeated.