OpenAI founder worries that 'AI' could be used to influence elections

Sam Altman, who gained fame as the founder of Chat GPT, expressed concern that artificial intelligence (AI) could be used to influence democratic elections and said that AI should be regulated while giving a statement to a panel of the US Upper House Senate.

While starting a series of discussions related to AI, the US Parliament called the head of OpenAI. At the beginning of the discussion, Senator Richard Blumenthal of the Democratic Party presented a speech prepared using an AI-based text-to-voice generator tool for the welcome speech.

"I'm nervous, too," Altman said of the need for AI regulation. The benefits of these platforms definitely outweigh the risks. But regulation is essential.' Cory Booker, Meiji Hirono, Josh Hawley and other American senators presented various suggestions about the management of AI in a democracy, giving the example of former American President Trump and other photos that went viral due to the use of AI technology. In response, Altman mentioned that he is also concerned about the matter and that they have been clear about the impact that AI can have on the job opportunities available now, the economy, etc. in the future.

In November 2022, the AI ​​platform based on the large language model called ChatGPT was announced and popularized, and the race for the creation and use of AI platforms in the field of technology market has accelerated. America, China, European Union, UK and other countries are trying to regulate AI. The US government has already discussed the regulation of artificial intelligence by calling representatives of major AI companies to a meeting at the White House.

Analysts said the senators' question-and-answer session with Altman was surprisingly cordial. Earlier, the parliamentarians who appeared aggressive and critical in discussions with Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Meta, and CEO of Tik Tok, Sau Jie Chew, did not appear true after Altman agreed with his views on the risks and dangers of AI. "We need to focus on the good side and manage AI, the US Congress has this opportunity," Senator Blumenthal said, "We had a similar opportunity at the beginning of social networks, which we missed." It is best to regulate the risk of AI before it gets out of control.'

In response to the questions, Altman said that the concerns and interests of the senators were justified and that many issues were unclear to him as well. In  discussion, there was a consensus that there is a need to regulate AI along with the problems that can be caused by misleading and hacked content that can be spread through the use of AI.