Let's make the Ministry of Labor a Ministry of Foreign Employment: Minister Bhandari

Jestha 4, 2080 | Kathmandu - Labor, Employment and Social Security Minister Sharatsingh Bhandari has said that there is a need to convert the Ministry of Labor and Employment into the Ministry of Foreign Employment. He said this while speaking at the International Sixth Nepal Chamber Expo 2023 organized by the Nepal Chamber of Commerce in Kathmandu on Thursday.

He says that there is no discussion of domestic employment in the ministry when talking about matters other than foreign diseases. He said that there is no priority in the Ministry of Labor regarding the internal labor market, and it seems that the Ministry of Foreign Employment should be created. He said that despite taking charge of the ministry, he did not see anything related to labor.
Stating that the Labor Department is not in a position to rise after falling apart, Minister Bhandari said that the industries cannot move forward unless the labor market is orderly, dignified and safe.

Minister Bhandari said that in order to integrate all the employment opportunities, the aim is to bring the employment opportunities to the employment service center in a one-door system. He said that the government is trying to connect trained manpower with employers.